About Us

Welcome to our office and your medical home. Medex Clinic is Jacksonville’s premier choice for optimal well-being. At Medex Clinic, we take pride in treating our patients like family and strive to provide friendly, efficient, and compassionate care to all who visit our office. We focus on primary care but have experience with all types of medical problems. We partner with our patients to promote optimal health and the prevention of disease.

In addition to tending to your acute and chronic health problems, we put “prevention into practice” through screenings, health maintenance guidelines, and education. We provide a full range of preventive care such as yearly checkups, work and school physicals, and well visits. For your convenience, we draw labs right here in the office which saves you a trip to an offsite lab. We also offer a comprehensive medical weight loss program and medical aesthetics that will have you looking and feeling your best in no time!
We do this by integrating the practice of Primary Care with proven holistic approaches to well-being. This includes Health management, Medical Weight Loss and Aesthetics. The integration of these services allows our patients to improve their health and maintain their well-being.