Primary Care

Primary Care
Dr. Nouman’s vision of patient-centered Primary Care includes screening for and prevention of diseases before they are diagnosed – not simply treating diseases with medications after the fact.

As your primary care physician, Dr. Nouman is responsible for all aspects of your health. In addition to treating existing medical conditions, he will monitor your health over the course of your life, and can help identify changes that could signal the onset of disease. And, because Dr. Nouman looks at the broad picture, including your lifestyle and family history, he can help you find the best methods of staying healthy so that you can lead a long, productive life.

Primary care Includes: Our clinic provides treatment for:

Diabetes Mellitus
Pain management
Addiction treatment
Other chronic and acute diseases

The aims of Primary Care are:

Dr. Nouman’s approach to Primary Care differs from most doctors. Dr. Nouman is interested in getting to know the whole patient, from health history to career, interests, family life, and activities. It is only by taking the time to get to know his patients that he can establish a relationship of mutual trust and respect. Dr. Nouman understands that getting to know his patients takes time, which is why his patients enjoy access to him that goes above and beyond what most regular primary care physicians are able to deliver. Usual visits with Dr. Nouman last longer than those of other doctors, ensuring that his patients get the time to ask and receive the answers they need to take better charge of their health.

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