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Dr. Nouman has been certified by the American board of obesity Medicine (ABOM) as an ABOM diplomat. This sub-specialty requires competency in and through understanding of the treatment of obesity and the genetic, biological, environment, social, and behavioral factors that contribute to obesity. He employs therapeutic interventions including diet, physical activity, behavioral change, and pharmacotherapy. He utilizes a comprehensive approach, and may include additional resource such as nutritionists, exercise physiologists, and bariatric surgeons as indicated to archive optimal results. He maintains competency in providing pre and post-surgical care of bariatric surgery patients, promotes the prevention of obesity, and advocate for those who suffer from obesity.

Primary Care

Dr. Nouman’s vision of patient-centered Primary Care includes screening for and prevention of diseases before they are diagnosed - not simply treating diseases with medications after the fact.

Obesity Medicine

At our medex clinic we are here to be part of your weight lost journey through medically supervised and personalized weight lost management.

Aesthetic Medicine

All our esthetic treatments are FDA approved and clinically proven. At Medex Clinic, we focus on revitalizing our patients with a more youthful and invigorating appearance. Starting with initial consultation, our cosmetic treatments are administered by a highly trained Board Certified physician, Dr. Asim Nouman.

About US

Welcome to our office and your medical home. Medex Clinic is Jacksonville’s premier choice for optimal well-being. At Medex Clinic, we take pride in treating our patients like family and strive to provide friendly, efficient, and compassionate care to all who visit our office. We focus on primary care but have experience with all types of medical problems. We partner with our patients to promote optimal health and the prevention of disease.


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Addiction treatment

Opioid addiction is a disease that involves compulsive drug-seeking, even when there may be negative consequences

Keto recipes

Recipe: grate cauliflower with the help of a grater or food chopper. Sauté onions and cumin seeds with olive oil in a wok. Add garlic to it. After 1 min Add chopped cauliflower to it. Mix it well and add salt to taste, then keep it on slow flame and covered for 8-10 mins.

What Is Keto diet

A ketogenic diet is defined as a low carbohydrate diet with a moderate protein intake and without restricting fat utilization for induction of ketosis in the body. The ketogenic diet was first introduced by dr Russel Wilder in 1921 for the treatment of epilepsy in pediatric patients. In this diet Fat-carbohydrates and protein ratio is 4:1. The diet consists of 75% consumption of fats from plants or animal sources.


Now we offer, the new FDA-approved semaglutide for weight loss. Semaglutide can results in 10% to 15% (10-15kg) weight loss Semaglutide for weight loss. PMC (nih.gov). For more information and booking an appointment. please call us: +1 (904) 444-2903